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Shopping Show PREVIEW!


Hi there,

Welcome to Tuesday afternoon, the second busiest day of the week here at Great Lakes Radio.  Here we are scrambling to get ready for our BUSIEST day of the week, Shopping Show Wednesdays!  Today instead of the Deal of the Day, we will give you a highlight of our NEW ITEMS!!!  Also, the unthinkable happened today… we ran out of Trenary Toast.  But FEAR NOT we will have more tomorrow.  Also, if you are heading out of town as many of you do when the seasons turn, don’t forget to take toast down south to the warmer climes with you!  Order a case of toast and you’ll get 26 bags and a complimentary cardboard box to carry them in!

Anyhow, new for tomorrow comes special certificates from…

Oasis Grill

Tu Kaluthia Cafe

Alger Falls Motel

War Paint by Jamie Thayer


Thanks for reading and get excited!



I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow morning!



For a limited time, while supplies last


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