Eastern U.P. Power Grid Gets Improvements

    GLR News Update
    GLR News Update

    Marquette, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – American Transmission Company has completed two projects near St. Ignace improving reliability of the electrical grid in the eastern U.P.

    A new high voltage, direct-current flow control device and substation were placed into commercial operation in late summer.

    The device allows better flow of power in and out of the U.P. and will strengthen local electric reliability.

    The facilities are located in Moran Township, just north of U.S. 2, west of St. Ignace.

    The project also was completed at a cost of $125 million.

    Two 69,000-volt transmission lines built in the 1930s between St. Ignace and Rudyard have also been upgraded in a project that began in late 2012.

    ATC says they will reduce energy losses on the system and lower operating and maintenance costs.

    The $43 million project will also increase flexibility in routing power in the area.


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