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Everywhere Is Home by Antigone Rising tests well with WKQS listeners


Marquette, MI – Sunny 101.9 WKQS has been airing a new song since early June of 2011, and the response to “Everywhere Is Home” from the upcoming album “23 Red” by Antigone Rising has been very solid.

Antigone Rising was catapulted into the spotlight in 2005 with their Hear Music/Lava Records debut release – “From the Ground Up.” A line-up shift in 2008 led to a brief hiatus, but after a few months on the sidelines, drummer Dena Tauriello & The Henderson sisters – Cathy and Kristen – made the decision to keep moving forward with new member Nini Camps on lead vocals.

Camps, a woman who’s voice may remind some listeners of a young Susanna Hoffs from The Bangles, has placed the group in an area where they may work in several genres of music.  They can be A/C, Americanna, even straight mainstream Country listeners will be attracted to the harmonies of this group.

The song, a simple story about how it doesn’t matter where you are…just as long as you’re together, takes the audience on a gentle journey of speeds and harmonies and lands as smoothly as it takes off.

23 Red is due out in record stores and downloads August 2nd. 

Find out more about 23 Red at www.antigonerising.com


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