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A Great Day for Softball!


A great view from behind home plate. I ducked every time a ball came at the fence!

My second day at Great Lakes Radio was awesome. I headed out to Ishpeming with Heather to report on the high school girls’ fast-pitch softball game against the Norway Knights, and I was thrilled to learn the process of live sports reporting firsthand. It was a gorgeous day for softball and the girls looked like they were having so much fun. The sun was breaking through the clouds and the field was packed down and a little damp (not too dusty!). It made me miss the old days, when I played softball in middle school—I can’t pretend I was great at it, but boy, those were good times.

Norway Knights pickin’ it up on first

I’m learning more every day about how deeply involved this radio station is in their community, and I feel incredibly lucky to experience such localized reporting and participation. I didn’t know this kind of radio station could still survive in the modern media landscape! I’m impressed and honored to live in a community like Marquette, and even more-so to be interning with such a great and supportive group here at Great Lakes Radio.


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