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Negaunee Miner Boys Hockey – Negaunee Miners (0) VS Hancock Bulldogs (6) on Sunny 101.9 WKQS

Negaunee High School Miners Mascot
The Negaunee Miners lose to the Hancock Bulldogs 6-0 on Sunny 101.9 WKQS

Negaunee, Michigan– With just over 16 minutes left in the first period the score is tied at 0-0. The Bulldogs have recorded the first shot-on-goal but the Miners blocked the shot. Hancock takes a 1-0 lead early in the first period as the Miners look to knot the game back up. After a mix-up in front of the net Hancock is rewarded the goal giving them a 1-0 advantage. With 11:35 to play, the Miners have two shots on goal and the Bulldogs have five. Negaunee fires a shot-on-goal but the attempt is broken up by the Hancock goalie. The Bulldogs take advantage of the power play and punch in their second goal with 8:20 to play in the first period. With 4:38 left, Negaunee and Hancock both are in the penalty box but the Miners are a man down as it’s 4-3 in advantage of the Bulldogs. With 1:33 left in the opening period the Bulldogs tack on another goal after the fast break; taking a 3-0 lead.

First period:

Negaunee: 0       Hancock: 3

Both teams are at full strength as the Miners are out of the box and looking to put a dent in the Bulldogs lead. The Miners make two consecutive saves and take control of the puck in the early stages of the second period. With 12:48 left in the second period the score is 3-0, in favor of Hancock; as the Miners look to make a pull themselves back into the game. With 8:50 left in the second period the Bulldogs punch in another goal, jumping ahead 4-0. With five minutes to play in the second period, Negaunee is down a man, as the Bulldogs try to tack on another goal.

Second period:

Negaunee: 0       Hancock: 4

The Miners are looking to make a big push in the third and final period as they have been held off the scoreboard through two periods. With 16:21 remaining in the third period, Hancock adds to their lead, making it 5-0. With 12:50 left in the game, Negaunee is still looking for their first goal. With 8:48 left to play, the Miners are trailing 5-0 as the window for a comeback is quickly closing. Hancock nets another goal, as they hold a 6-0 edge. Negaunee fails to score on the power play opportunity.

Final score:

Negaunee: 0      Hancock: 6

LISTEN – The Negaunee Miners lose to the Hancock Bulldogs 6-0 on Sunny 101.9 WKQS Monday Feb. 4  2013.mp3

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