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Negaunee Softball Erupts in Second and Third Inning to Mercy Rule Marquette 15-0 on WFXDH2


Negaunee, MI – May 5th, 2022 – The Negaunee Miners Girls Softball team took care of business at home with a 15-0 mercy rule over rival Marquette. Mark Evans and Gregg Nelson had the call live on WFXDH2.

Negaunee Warms Up
Negaunee Warms Up

1st Inning: The game started off with Josephine Thomson of Negaunee on the mound pitching. Thomson would make quick work of Marquette as she would strike out Maranda Andrews, Lyndsey Lake, and Jordan Haynes and the Miners took the field for offense

Lyndsey Lake would pitch for the Redettes and the first hit of the game would come from Theresa Anderson and she got on base for a single. Thomson would go up to bat and she would hit a double. The Miners would get an out and Lily Nelson would step up to bat. Nelson would get out and Grace Nardi would step up. She would get a hit but Ella Jezewski would get the ball and throw to first for an out and through the first inning, the game remained scoreless.

End of 1st: Negaunee 0, Marquette 0

Marquette Gets Ready
Marquette Gets Ready

Second Inning: Hally Haynes would fidn herself down 0-2 in the count but once she made contact on the ball it would be a popout and Marquette’s first out. Ella Jezewski would strike out swinging and went down 0-3. Thomson would remain on fire from the mound as she would strike out Hailey Fredrick and the Miners would once again quickly get back on offense.

Cooper Atkins would be first up to bat and she would work the pitch count to a 4-0 and walk to first base. Miya Frederickson would get a hit and advance Atkins to second. The first points of the game came after a Kallen Schultz triple and both Atkins and Frederickson would score, Negaunee led 2-0. The Miners would score again as Samantha Richards got a hit and Schultz would score, Negaunee led 3-0. Mira Speaker would get the 4-0 walk when she went up to bat but their first out would come as Richards was caught stealing. Theresa Anderson would give Negaunee their second out and Krista Carello would pinch run for Speaker. Thomson would hit a double and Carello would score, Miners led 4-0. Negaunee remained on fire as Nelson got a hit and Thomson would score, Negaunee took a 5-0 lead. Emma Wills would pinch run for Nelson and she got to second off a wild pitch with Grace Nardi hitting. A Marquette error led to Wills getting to third and a Nardi hit resulted in Wills scoring, Marquette trailed 0-6. The inning would finally close after Negaunee got their third out.

End of 2nd: Negaunee 6, Marquette 0

Third Inning: Marquette would get their first hit of the game after Lexi Lhuillier hit the ball for a single. Thomson kept the strikeouts going after she struck out Jordan Bouchard 0-3. The second out would come when Piper Andrews went down on strikes. The third and final out came after Lhuillier got tagged out on her way to home plate.

The Miners would come out swinging as a Lake pitch to Miya Frederickson led to a triple. Schultz would hit the ball and Frederickson would score, Miners led 7-0. The Miners would get two straight walks from Richards and Speaker and Marquette’s pitching continued to struggle. Theresa Anderson would step up and hit a double which resulted in Schultz scoring, Miners led 8-0. Carello would pinch run but she would get out. A Marquette error led to the Miners scoring and all of a sudden they led 11-0. With Lily Nelson on third, Atkins would step up and hit a home run out of the park and the Miners led 13-0. The hits continued to pile on as Frederickson would hit a double. Schultz would hit yet again and this time she drew a 4-0 walk. Allison Asikainen would hit for the first time and get a single. Mari Speaker stepped up for the potential game winner and her hit mixed with a first base error resulted in the Miners getting two runs and Negaunee won off of a mercy rule.

Final Score: Negaunee 15, Marquette 0

Listen To Full Game Here

Next Game: Negaunee Softball is back on the air again when they take on Escanaba on May 18th at home. The first pitch is set for 4pm and Mark Evans and Gregg Nelson will have the call on Fox Sports Marquette.


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