Saturday, June 6, 2020 - Deal of the Day

Shopping ShowMarquette, MI – Stretch your dollars with the U.P.’s original Shopping Show!

Starting on a small AM station in Manistique the Great Lakes Shopping Show has transformed into the most widespread shopping show in the Upper Peninsula. Every Tuesday 12,000 subscribers are emailed our modern newsletter providing them with updates on deals and savings around the Upper Peninsula.

The Shopping Show moved to Marquette in 1998, and since then, listeners have saved over 4 Million Dollars with Major Discount and the Great Lakes Shopping Show!

mediaBrew Communications supports local businesses by actively promoting them on them every Wednesday on multiple stations and helping them introduce new products and services to their customers.

Where to Listen:

Tune in to the Shopping Show on the air LIVE every Wednesday from 9-11 am on 101.9 and 103.3 WFXD. Call us during the show at (906) 227-7777 to talk to the Major and receive the best deals! You can also listen to the LIVE online stream at and

To find out more about and how it works, check out our detailed about us page!

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Saving you $4,000,000 and counting since 1998!

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