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U.P. Bargains – End Of Summer Sale!


Let’s be honest summer has come and gone, but it’s not too late to squeeze in some outdoor excursions before snow flies. We still have lingering temps! On upbargains.com we offer certificates to make those fun excursions like kayaking or Lake Superior cruise rides more affordable!

Check it out! We’ve still got Pictured Rocks Cruises gift certificates for a Classic Cruise available! You’ve got to grab one or two for you and your significant other. Or, maybe purchase some for a fun day with the kids on the water. Either way, now is the best time! No tourists, fall colors on the Pictured Rocks, and follow it up with some hot cocoa!

Another epic certificate we offer that ends with the month of September, is the Marquette Mountain Kayak Tours. These tours have wonderful reviews, and our very own Dawn Evans loved it! There are two different routes, but both are available for the certificates discount!

Don’t waste a single second. Get out there and enjoy the above 50 degree temps while you can, and we here at upbargains.com will help you do it for less!


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