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Dee Dee - Word of the Day

Word of the Day – Mar. 20 – Katzenjammer

Noun: Katzenjammer  (KAT-sun-jam-er)Definition:1. Hangover.2. Distress.3. A discordant clamor.Sample sentence: The morning after the wedding, Pamela woke up with a blinding katzenjammer.

Word of the Day – Mar. 16 – Catercorner

Adverb or adjective: Catercorner (KAT-ee-kor-ner)Definition: In a diagonal or oblique position: kitty-corner.Sample sentence: The cafe was catercorner to the salon, so after I...

Word of the Day – Oct. 27 – Catachresis

Noun: Catachresis (kat-uh-KREE-sis)Definition:1. Use of the wrong word for the context.2. Use of a forced and especially paradoxical figure of speech.Sample sentence:...

Word of the Day – June 29 – Catawampus

Adjective:  Catawampus  (kat-uh-WOM-puhs)Definition:1.  Off-center, askew, awry2.  Positioned diagonally, cater-corneredSample sentence:  Jill walked outside into the wind, which promptly knocked her hat catawampus.