Friday, April 23, 2021
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Co-Hosting “Adam Carpenter’s Outdoor Show” Bonus Hours Last Night

Marquette, Michigan - November 15, 2018 - Last night was "The Night Before Opening Day" of firearm deer hunting season, which equated to a...

IHS Building Company Selects Contest Winner

MARQUETTE, MI - (Great Lakes Radio News) - Brian Anderson from IHS Building Company joined the SUNNY Morning Show today to select the winner...

Win A Carpenter For A Day From IHS Building Company

MARQUETTE, MI - (Great Lakes Radio News) -  If you have a home construction project you've started and not finished, or a Honey-Do item...

Podium Solid Wood White Ash Podium for Sale

Here is a beautiful custom real wood White Ash Podium for sale. This is not made from plastic or acrylic or a small table top piece. This is a bold, Presidential or Ambassador series Podium perfect to deliver your sermons with confidence. This is a stand alone solid wood piece that’s attractive and unique in [...]