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Congressman Benishek at Jacobetti Veteran’s Home

Congressman Dan Benishek heard vets out on numerous issues that they face.

Marquette, MI – Friday, May 24 – Citizens gathered at the Jacobetti Home for Veterans to voice their concerns on veterans affairs to Rep. Dan Benishek, R-Mich.

He listened to specific issues that were voiced with emotion, mostly pertaining to the difficulty and delays vets face in receiving the benefits they deserve.

He was attentive and promised to investigate, assigning every concern raised to one of his staff members present.

“I really appreciate the opportunity to be here this afternoon,” he said. “This is the stuff that I’m looking for.”

Many vets in the group had been in contact with Benishek previous to the meeting, and thanked him for his letters and his work in Washington.

Benishek lamented that the process of getting bills through congress takes time, even on a bipartisan issue like veteran’s affairs.

As for the ongoing application for a Veteran’s Cemetery in Marquette, Benishek explained the obstacles of the process but seemed optimistic that a state-funded cemetery could be established in the future.

Administrator Brad Slagle received enthusiastic applause for his work running the hospital, after complaints were raised about the Grand Rapids VA.

One vet also said of the Jacobetti Home, “We couldn’t ask for better nurses.”


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