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This Week’s Interview: Sarah Schollmeyer


Marquette, MI  –  9/12/2019  –  This week I sat down with my first interviewee, Sarah Schollmeyer. Sarah and I have been friends since the fist day of college. I have never met anyone so involved in everything she’s apart of. I chose Sarah for my first interview because school is just starting, and this girl knows how to be involved on campus.

Where are you from?
Hudsonville, MI
Why did you choose NMU?
My teacher thought it’d be a good idea after a heated discussion about abolishing Fracking, since our school has such an emphasis on environmental sustainability. Far enough from home to grow and be independent, yet still get in state tuition. 
What advice do you have for incoming students?
Try everything once, even if it’s out of your comfort zone. Take positive risks and have fun! 
What organizations are you apart of?
What organizations do you wish you would’ve joined?
A sports team. 
What organization do you wish you would’ve had time to create?
Cult classic movie night. 
One thing you would’ve done differently here during your time at NMU?
Petition to keep Gant Hall. 
I would’ve studied abroad, I had some smaller travel opportunities within the university that were so amazing I wish I would’ve taken a semester to go aboard. 
What changed for you from high school to college (study habits, personality, work ethic)?
I am a completely different person than I was in high school.  I’ve learned to take care of myself when needed (Wildcat Days) and make sure the people around me are supportive and kind.
 I still procrastinate with my work but I understand it’s importance far more than high school.
Since you work for marketing, as a student brand ambassador, how does that kind of exposure make you feel?
I love working for university marketing and representing NMU has been so important to me. I hope other women, specifically women of color see me and feel like they have people that look like them at NMU. It is a little funny having people come up to you all the time and say they’ve seen you on a billboard in deep Wisconsin
Best advice for juggling everything you have going on?
Quiet time in the morning while sipping on coffee (and playing in makeup in my case). SAY NO if you need too, don’t overlook yourself. 
What’s next?
City Year position in San Antonio, TX. working with students during and after school. After that, grad school (somewhere).
How do you manage stress? Unwind? 
Lots of Zumba, I paint and watch my favorite movies. 
A recent movie/book/poem/painting/app/TV show/ song/music artist/ dance etc. that you recommend?
(Artist/songs) TEEKS: The Grapefruit Skies EP


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