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The Weekly Talk: Give Back to Your Community This Holiday Season by Donating to the NMU Food Pantry

NMU Food Pantry holiday hours
NMU Food Pantry holiday hours

Marquette, MI  –  12/15/2019  –  Give a gift you’ll feel good about this holiday season. This week I sat down with CJ Maresh to get information about the NMU Food Pantry. CJ is one of the interns at the food pantry. His job is to coordinate volunteers, and do social media management, like their Facebook Page. He got into this internship because of the Student Leader Fellowship Program’s required 100 hour service internship.

The NMU Food Pantry is located in Gries Hall, above the NMU Health Center on campus. In this week’s interview we talk about the history of the Food Pantry and how you can add to it this season.

How did the Food Pantry first get started?

The Food Pantry was started in 2017. Megan O’Conner worked with ASNMU, the student government on campus, to create the Food Pantry. It was identified that there was a need for food for students who were food insecure. After that it just sort of blew up. We got a lot of support from the community, a lot of donations and it’s been running ever since.

What does a typical donation consist of?

A typical donation can be anywhere from $10-$20 worth of food. Usually people will bring in grocery bags full of food. Any donation is an acceptable donation for us, whether it’s one pack of Romen, or 20.

How can people donate?

You can donate either through NMU.edu/give, checks can be made payable to the NMU Foundation for the Food Pantry, and you can also just bring food items to the dean of students or the Food Pantry when it’s open, and those hours are Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 5pm-7pm.

Who is the food pantry open to? 

The food pantry is open to any NMU student, faculty, or staff who has an NMU associated ID, but really we won’t turn away anyone.

photo by: Madelyn Pederson
photo by: Madelyn Pederson

How do you get food from the food pantry?

Basically you come in during our open hours, you’d fill out a little form. The form is to get information so that Feeding America, who we partner with, knows that were actually doing a good job of feeding people, being ethical and efficient. Then they will swipe their card. We offer one bag, per person, per week. So they can get whatever they need. We also have a ripple effect closet with is clothing items and bedding, and they can take as much of that as they need.

Anything you’d like to add about the Food Pantry?

I think the NMU Food Pantry is a really good example of how our community has come together to fight a really prevalent problem. Especially up here in the isolated UP. The fact that people can come together and give donations from the goodness of their hearts to make this positive impact on Marquette and the NMU community is really touching and heart warming.

The NMU Food Pantry is great resource for NMU members to get all they need to help them all year round, and especially during the holidays. Think about a donation to the NMU Food Pantry today and end your 2019 off right.

You can find a full list of items the NMU Food Pantry has on their donation list here. There, you will also find a list of campus events that support the NMU Food Pantry.

Below are links to other Food Pantries in Marquette:

United Way
St. Vincent de Paul
Community Action
The Salvation Army

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