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Upper Peninsula Health Plan Shares Tips To Avoid Colds And Flu Over The Holidays

Renee Anderton

Marquette, MI – (12/12/19) – On our latest Upper Peninsula Health Plan update, we heard from Renee Anderton about avoiding colds and the flu over the holidays.

Anderton, CHES, Community Health Worker with Upper Peninsula Health Care Solutions (UPHCS) and UPHP, explained that there’s a lot of opportunity to share time over the holidays with family, but you could also, unfortunately, share germs. That can mean you’re spending your Christmas or New Year sick in bed.

Anderton said colds and flu are two of the big illnesses this time of year and she explained how to tell the difference between the common cold and the flu. She also talked about what to do if you do come down with the flu or a cold and how to get back on your feet quickly.

She also shared some good common sense tips for you to follow to stay healthy over the holiday season.

LISTEN – Renee Anderton with tips on avoiding colds and flu during the holidays.

VISIT – The Upper Peninsula Health Plan website.

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