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A Beautiful Weekend Full of Memories!

Titan and Holden having fun at the bouncy house

Marquette, MichiganJune 10, 2019 – There’s no question that this weekend was absolutely amazing outside.

And, along with the beautiful weather, my family was able to enjoy some exciting bouncy-house fun!

Titan and Holden climbing up the bouncy house

Holden and Titan had a blast going from bouncy-house to bouncy-house, jumping out their energy to their little hearts’ content.

Parents: If you ever need just a few moments alone to do something, i.e. get some work on the laptop/phone, make a phone call, read a book, etc., bring the kids to the bouncy-house!

They get some physical activity and socialization, you get a minute to yourself.

The best part? Once you finish what you need to do, you can join them in the bouncy-houses for some quality time spent together <3

And that, my friends, is priceless.

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