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Governor Gretchen Whitmer Outlines Post-Midterm Agenda For Michigan

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Marquette, MINovember 17, 2022Governor Gretchen Whitmer is preparing for a new legislative session in Lansing after the recent mid-term election that saw her get re-elected to a second term and control in both the State House and Senate flip from Republican to Democrat majorities.

This creates the first time for Democrat Whitmer to take the reins as Governor with a politically sympathetic legislature.

Whitmer spoke about her re-election, the legislative flip and her agenda today with Mark & Walt in the Morning.

Whitmer said the vote of the people serves as an affirmation of the work her administration has done over the last four years and how it will guide her through her second term.

She also discussed some of the major legislative initiatives she is hoping to see completed over the next session, including further protection of reproductive rights, continuing infrastructure investments and efforts to increase literacy.

Whitmer also shared her thoughts about her name being mentioned on the national political scene as a possible contender to run for President in the future.

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