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UPHP Update: Managing Stress During The Holidays And Beyond

Steve Rudness

Marquette, MIDecember 8, 2021 – On our latest Upper Peninsula Health Plan Update we heard about stress, it causes and how to manage it.

Steve Rudness, UPHP Clinical Coordinator and Program Lead spoke about the subject this week with Mark & Walt in the Morning.

Rudness explained the definition of stress and discussed of the different types and manifestations of it, including physical, psychological and emotional effects.

He also talked about some of the big causes of stress, including the holidays, financial and job pressures along with relationships and family issues

Rudness also outlined some good tips to manage stress and shared some good resources if you need some help dealing with stress, especially during the holidays.

He recommended the UPCAP 211 Helpline as a good place to start to access to local resources for a variety of services and supports.

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