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Marquette Township Business Association, Inc. has First Meeting as a Non-Profit Corporation

First Meeting as a Non-Profit Corporation for MTBA
First Meeting as a Non-Profit Corporation for MTBA

 Marquette Township, MI  –  September 15, 2015  –  The Marquette Township Business Association, Inc. met for a noon meeting today at Perkins Restaurant & Bakery of Marquette. Today marks the organization’s first meeting since incorporating in June, 2015 as a non-profit corporation.

Taxes Due Yesterday, 1% Penalties Start Today

Marquette Township Board Treasurer Ernie Johnson noted that taxes were due yesterday and anyone paying today will be receiving a 1% penalty.

Township Supervisor Dennis Liimatta Leaving, Lyn Durant To Be His Replacement

Johnson also mentioned that the township supervisor is leaving and Lyn Durant will be appointed to that position. She will resign as a trustee tonight at the board meeting and her resignation will be accepted.

Dark Stores Sapping Township Revenues and More Businesses Apply for Exemption

Johnson also said seven new businesses have applied for reduced taxes. Johnson said the township board

Marquette Township Meeting - September, 2015
Marquette Township Meeting – September, 2015

will try to work with these businesses. If they don’t resolve the issue, the businesses will go to the Tax Tribunal.

More and more businesses are applying for reduced taxes based on the appellate court’s decision in the Dark Store case. The Michigan legislature is not moving on this issue. Johnson said the issue is statewide and smaller governments (like Marquette Township and Breitung Township) were hit first since they lacked funds necessary to fight the big box stores. He noted this happened in Indiana, but their legislature acted immediately on it and squelched the trend right away.

Lions Field Upgrades Look Spectacular – New Kiddie Park Has Kids

Johnson also noted that Lions Field looks spectacular. The Kiddie Park is up and has been used daily.

4-Wheeler Tear Up Park – New Security Cams Coming

Since some 4-wheelers tore up the grass at the park last week, security cameras will be going up.

Members Re-Elected

The group re-elected both the board of directors and executive board members. After the election, the corporation’s new bylaws were adopted and the board of directors discussed a number of housekeeping issues related to their recent incorporation.

Budget Decisions Coming in December

The township board is working on a budget for the township. Departments have sent their requests and decisions will be made in December.

Township to Keep MTBA Updated Monthly

Marquette Township officials will continue to present at the MTBA, Inc.’s monthly meetings in an effort to keep MTBA, Inc. members “in the know.”

Public Encouraged to Participate with Road Plan

The roads are being addressed and are on a three-year plan. Johnson encouraged residents to come to the monthly township meetings if they have concerns about the road plan.

Old Township Building  Sale Sought

Johnson updated the MTBA, Inc. members present at the meeting on the sale of the old township hall.

New Dairy Queen & Ojibwa Express Convenience Open in Marquette Township

Marquette Township Planning & Zoning Administrator Jason McCarthy let everyone in attendance know that the new Dairy Queen that just opened in the township was just shy of the biggest opening for any Dairy Queen ever.

Also, new Ojibwa Express Convenience gas station is open.

New Lighting and Storm Water Ordinances for Marquette Township

McCarthy talked about the new ordinances that were passed. The lighting ordinance for full cutoff downcast lighting passed and new businesses will be required to use this lighting. Any existing business that replaces or renovates 51% of their lighting would need to comply with this ordinance as well. The storm water ordinance also passed recently. This ordinance mostly affects the big box stores and requires them to capture more water runoff on their own properties.

Positive Zoning Ordinances Changes Coming

McCarthy also talked about positive zoning ordinance changes that will be online and cross-linked, allowing people access to better information on the new township website that should be active by the end of today.

Meier and Up The Sky Sky Businesses Looking to Locate in Marquette Township

McCarthy also mentioned new businesses like Meier and Up the Sky that are looking at Marquette Township as potential new locations. Road studies are being done for both businesses so they could bring new development dollars into the township.


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