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Negaunee Miners Football Wins District Championship Over Menominee 44-0

Negaunee lifting the district championship trophy
Negaunee lifting the district championship trophy

Negaunee, MINovember 5, 2022 – The Negaunee Miners captured the district championship on Saturday afternoon at Miner Stadium with a 44-0 victory over the Menominee Maroons.  Despite the deluge of rain, the Miners were able to take care of the football and power their way through to the regional final.

The Menominee Maroons received the opening kickoff after Negaunee won the toss and deferred, returning the kick to their own 16 yard line. Menominee got a first down quickly after a 17 yard pass over the middle, but three incompletions later, had to punt the ball to Negaunee. The Miners, however, went three and out and had their punt attempt blocked by Menominee, giving the Maroons an excellent opportunity to score with great starting field position. The Negaunee defense held strong in their own territory though, and a drop on fourth down turned the ball over to Negaunee on downs. The Miners relied on Kai Lacar in the messy conditions to use his strength and power the ball up the middle, giving Negaunee their initial first down and sparking a slight momentum shift toward the Miners.

Once Negaunee started their power run, it was Lacar and Nico Lukkarinen that led the way downfield against a Menominee defense that couldn’t seem to find their footing. Lacar capped off the 78 yard drive with a 27 yard touchdown run along the sideline to give Negaunee the first points of the game. Lacar added the 2 point conversion, and Negaunee led 8-0.Menominee returner Kaiden Bell had trouble controlling the kickoff, but after a couple of bobbles and a fumble was able to break off a long return, from the Maroons’ 25 yard line to the Negaunee 40. Before Menominee could do much, the quarter ended, and Negaunee took their 8 point lead into the break.

End of First Quarter: Negaunee 8, Menominee 0

Menominee began the second quarter with the ball in Negaunee territory, but the Miners again stood strong and forced a turnover on downs. Negaunee went back to what worked in the first quarter, and on the first play of the drive, Lacar ran 60 yards for a touchdown. The 2 point attempt was initially no good, but an illegal touching penalty on the Maroons gave the Miners another try, on which they scored on an Eli Van Buren reception to put Negaunee up 16-0. Menominee again did not generate any offense on their ensuing drive, and after the turnover on downs, Lukkarinen went 49 yards on the ground for another Miners touchdown. He then added the 2 point conversion, and just like that, Negaunee found themself ahead 24-0. The Maroons’ offensive woes continued, with Negaunee’s Kai Lacar intercepting a pass to force yet another turnover. Eli Van Buren caught a pass on the Maroons’ 29 yard line, and through sheer bullish determination ran through several tackles to find the endzone. The 2 point attempt was no good, but the score gave Negaunee a 30-0 lead midway through the second quarter. Negaunee came close to another touchdown near the end of the half, but as Lukkarinen was on his way into the endzone, the officials ruled that he fumbled the ball before he crossed the goal line, turning the apparent touchdown into a touchback for Menominee. The clock ticked down to zero before Menominee could score though, and Negaunee took a 30 point lead into the half.

Negaunee took down Menominee 44-0 to win the district title
Negaunee took down Menominee 44-0 to win the district title

Halftime Score: Negaunee 30, Menominee 0

The Negaunee Miners dive on a driven low kick to start the begging of the second half with a 30-0 lead over Menominee. Nico Lukkarinen drives the ball down to the three yard line with a huge run for the miners, and punches it the rest of the way in on the next play for a Miners touchdown. Nico Lukkarinen’s touchdown that put the miners up 36-0 forces a running clock. Menominee was looking to move the ball down field when Ryan Reno intercepted a pass for a 63 yard pick six putting the miners ahead 44-0 after a successful two point conversion. A fumble by Menominee gives the Miners possession of the ball again and a chance to score.

End of Third quarter score Negaunee: 44, Menominee 0

Negaunee has possession of the ball to start the 4th quarter. Menominee looks to drive the ball down the field and put their first points on the board. For the first time all game Menominee made their way deep into miner territory, the miners then forced a turnover on downs on 4th and goal stopping Menominee from putting their first points on the board. The running clock came to an end and the Miners win the district champion 44-0 over Menominee in what ended up being a very one sided game.

End of fourth quarter score: Negaunee 44, Menominee 0

The Negaunee Miners will next take the field against Gladstone in the regional final, which will most likely be on Friday, November 11th.  Mark Evans and Gregg Nelson will have the call for you on Sunny 101.9 and online at Sunny.fm.



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