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Miners Standouts Earn All-Conference Honors


NEGAUNEE, MI – 3/9/2015 – With the regular seasons come & gone, it’s already time for some reflection.  The coaches have gotten together and voted on who they felt stood out most throughout the course of the season.  Here are the Miners who Mid-Peninsula Conference coaches felt stood out!

Negaunee Miners Girls Basketball Team (27) VS Marquette Redettes (56) on Sunny.FM 02/24/15
Aleda Johnson (11) & Courtney Finnila (32) were both honored by MPC coaches this week. Congrats girls!


Aleda Johnson – 1st Team All-Conference

  • After a stellar freshman year, the second year point guard followed it up with another impressive run for a sophomore. Averaging more points per game than any Miner basketball player, boys or girls, she is on pace to have one of the better careers in Negaunee girl’s history.  With her ability to lock down defensively, and her aggressive nature offensively, she can do it all.

Adena Anderson – 2nd Team All-Conference

  • A captain of the team for the past two years, Adena has followed her sister out of Negaunee in similar fashion.  Adena went from a player who was coming off of the bench, to a starter, to a key component in coach Sager’s offense.  Adena flourished from the three-point line and used her hustle and hard work to net a few put-back buckets.  She blew up with a 20 point performance against the Mountaineers at home and continued her hot streak for the rest of the season.  As a senior, she will be missed.
Negaunee Miners Girls Basketball Team (27) VS Marquette Redettes (56) on Sunny.FM 02/24/15
One of the best shooting hot-streaks I’ve ever seen has propelled Adena Anderson to the 2nd Team All-Conference team. Congrats on a great senior season Adena!

Courtney Finnila – Honorable Mention; MPC All-Defensive Team

  • In her second year of starting, Courtney Finnila may have had her ups & downs on the offensive side, but nobody on the team played tougher defense.  Even when her shooting was off, she was among the MPC’s best ball-handlers and passers.  If her shooting improves over the next couple months, she will be in the running for MPC player of the year in 2016.

Hailey Fezatt – Honorable Mention

  • A true all-around player.  Hailey showed that she deserved to be pulled up from the J.V. squad and was a great “sixth-man” off of the bench for Coach Sager.  She was a dynamic slasher, good shooter, and aggressive on the defensive side of the ball.  Hailey will be a key part of coach Sager’s back-court next season, as Aleda Johnson, Courtney Finnila, and Hailey will return.


The Negaunee Miners Boys Basketball team defeated the Gwinn Modeltowners 60-43 on Sunny.FM.
Despite his 6’1” stature, Jay has gone toe-to-toe with players with 3, 6, and even 9-inch advantages over him… and won.

Jay Lori – 1st Team All-Conference

  • After a year spent playing third fiddle behind the all-time scoring leader in Negaunee history in Tyler Jandron and his brother Eric, Jay finally got his chance to become the focal point of the Miners’ attack.  He did very well averaging nearly a double-double with 12ppg and 7.4rpg.  The best part is… we still have another year of this.

Dre Tuominen – 1st Team All-Conference

  • A transfer from Westwood, Dre Tuominen had the difficult job of replacing the aforementioned Tyler Jandron as the point guard in Negaunee’s offense.  Dre did very well.  Coming in as a sophomore, Dre averaged just a notch above 12ppg, while also pulling down 4.6rpg as well.  As the MPC doesn’t keep stats on assists, it will not show how important Dre is while running coach Waterman’s offense.  Despite not liking some of the dangerous pass attempts Dre makes, when they work out, there isn’t much he can say.
The Negaunee Miners defeated the Marquette Redmen 56-44 on Sunny.FM.
“Big Shot Rob” as I just started calling him in the last ten seconds, has hit plenty of threes this year, while also locking down the opposing team’s best offensive player.

Rob Loy – 2nd Team All-Conference; MPC All-Defensive Team

  • Another guy who had to kind of sit back and wait his turn while watching the Tyler-Eric show.  Rob showed flashes last year, using good cuts and spot ups to hit big shots.  The same was done this year, but in much higher volume.  Rob has been the guy to stop runs by the other team, or just completely lock them down, using his impressive size and speed to defend point-guards all the way down to most centers in the conference.  The only senior on the MPC Champion Miners, he has been a huge part of the Miners success.


Sophomore Dre Tuominen will be fun to watch for the next TWO years under coach Waterman.
Sophomore Dre Tuominen will be fun to watch for the next TWO years under coach Waterman.

Congrats to those Miners who were recognized for their great play.  Keep up the good work!

-Carl Leander Johnson


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