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Football Night in Negaunee – Negaunee Miner Football (0) VS Boyne City Ramblers (47) on Sunny.FM 11/7/2014


11/7/2014 Boyne City, Michigan — Your Negaunee Miners faced the Boyne City Ramblers during Football Night in Negaunee on Friday night! It’s the second round of the MHSAA Football Playoffs as your Negaunee Miners took the long haul downstate to face the Boyne City Ramblers on Sunny.FM. Brady Guilbault (sitting in for Carl Leander) and Jesse Anderson brought you all the action from Boyne City, Michigan on Sunny.FM. In order for the Negaunee Miners to win this game, they have to have a battle plan up front.

The Negaunee Miners kicked off the first quarter from Boyne City,  Michigan. The Ramblers’ defense looked awesome in the first quarter. The Ramblers took the lead over the Miners 6-0 on Sunny.FM. Your Negaunee Miners have lost games due to penalties during the 2014 Football season. The Boyne City Ramblers score two touchdowns and lead the Negaunee Miners 12-0 with 5 minutes left in the first quarter of play. With 30 seconds left the ball was on the 30 yard line. Jesse Anderson said “This is not looking good for Negaunee.” The Miners came in and expected that Boyne City was going to be a tough team. The Boyne City Ramblers and Negaunee Miners wrapped up the first quarter 14-0, with Boyne City in the lead.

The Negaunee Miners lucked out with a fumble in the second quarter of play. Brady Guilbault and Jesse Anderson made the long haul down to Boyne City to bring you the second round of the MHSAA playoffs. Dylan Tasson was down for the Neguanee Miners in the second quarter. The Negaunee Miners need a game plan, and fast. Jesse Anderson said “The Boyne City defense is definitely as good as you see on paper.” The Ramblers shut out the Miners defense and lead the Negaunee Mines 20-0 on Sunny.FM. Austin Johnson caught the ball at the first bounce with the Ramblers in the lead over the Miners 28-0 heading into halftime on Sunny.FM.

The Pomp’s Tire Halftime Show with Jesse and Brady brought you all the in-depth analysis on Sunny.FM.

Second half of action kicks off from Boyne City, Michigan with Brady Guilbault and Jesse Anderson on Sunny.FM. Your Negaunee Miners begun the second half trailing the Boyne City Ramblers 28-0. Another touchdown scored by the Boyne City Ramblers in the third quarter with a lead of 34-0 on Sunny.FM. The Neguanee Miners MUST make some changes with their defense and quickly with 30 seconds left in the third quarter. “The Miners just keep getting beat up on the defensive and offensive line center.” -Jesse Anderson. The third quarter of action ends with the Ramblers in the lead over the Miners 34-0 on Sunny.FM.

Max Cooper of the Ramblers scored a 45 Yard Touchdown to lift their lead 40-0 over the Negaunee Miners. Fourth quarter of action and the Negaunee Miners hanged their heads low, while the Boyne City Ramblers couldn’t be stopped. The Ramblers defense held strong in the fourth quarter of action from Boyne City, Michigan. The Miners trail the Ramblers 47-0 with Jesse and Brady on Sunny.FM.

The Boyne City Ramblers take the win from Boyne City, Michigan and come out on top and defeat the Negaunee Miners 47-0.

Sunny.FM would like to congratulate the Negaunee Miners on a great football season! We also say “Thank you” to our GREAT sponsors for bringing you the Negaunee Miners games all season long on-air and online at Sunny.FM. Stay tuned to Sunny.FM for the complete schedule as we’re getting ready for Boys and Girls Basketball season in December 2014.

LISTEN – FULL GAME – The Boyne City Ramblers defeat your Negaunee Miners 47-0 from Boyne City, Michigan on Sunny.FM Friday November 7th 2014.mp3

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