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Negaunee Miner Girls Beat Ishpeming Hematites 47-38


Ishpeming, MiJanuary 13th, 2023The Negaunee Miner Girls played the second match in a double header against the Ishpeming Hematites Friday night. Carl Leander Johnson was on the scene for Sunny 101.9

The first quarter started off strong with Lilly Swanson of Ishpeming scoring for the Hematites. Cooper Atkins answered back with a steal, taking it down the court for the Miners first basket of the game. Shortly after Clare O’Donnell got to the free throw line and gave the Miners their first lead of the night. Grace Nardi scored a two pointer for the Miners as well. The Hematites cut the lead down to one despite Ella Masons great defense. Grace Nardi continued to fight back by getting the Miners a point at the free throw line. Aubrey Johnson hit a pull up jump-shot gaining another two points for Negaunee. Aubrey Johnson got another basket bringing the lead to four for the end of the first quarter. 15-14

Tip Off
Tip Off

Theresa Anderson scored first in the second quarter, furthering Negaunee’s lead. Ella Mason drove baseline for a tough shot to build the lead even more. Ella Mason continued to help the Miners climb up five after she hit two free throws. Ella Mason continued to dominate with another two point basket. Aubrey Johnson brought the Miners lead up to nine. Ella Mason made another two point play for the Miners, forcing Ishpeming to call a timeout. The senior Cooper Atkins made her way to the free throw line bringing Negaunee to a thirteen point lead. Negaunee finished off the quarter with a fifteen point lead thanks to Ella Mason. 31-16

The third quarter started off with Johnson, she made her way to the free throw line once again gaining another point for her team. Jenessa Eagle doesn’t stop fighting for the Hematites, giving them their first basket of the quarter. The miners lead was cut to eleven, Aubrey Johnson responded with a three point shot to build it back. The Hematites fought back with two big three pointers, shortening the Miners lead. Ella Mason scored, bringing the Miners back up to a lead of nine. Grace Nardi brought the  Miners to a score of thirty-nine, making the crowd go wild. The Miners finished off the quarter with an eleven point lead. 39-28

Half Court Defense
Half Court Defense

Ishpeming started off the fourth quarter from the free throw line bringing down the Miners lead to nine. Aubrey Johnson knocked two free throws down in an effortless manner. Negaunee handled the full court press with ease, Mason earned two points resulting in Ishpeming having to call a timeout. Ishpeming continued to play tough defense and made it an eleven point game. Ella Mason sunk two free throws to fight back. Ishpeming’s defense wasn’t enough to stop the Miners, ending the game with a score of 47-38.




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