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Way to Go “Team Red” at The Sauna Giveaway Party

Go Team Red!

Ishpeming, MI – I knew the giveaway party was going to be fun last night, (they always are) but I had no idea how much fun Washer Toss was going to be!  At every giveaway party, we try to have a game or activity for everyone to do after dinner.  We set up two lines and Brian Williams and I ran “Team Red!”  I know we gave away more Free Pizzas and Free Bowling from Red Rock Lanes than the other side… Team Blue, you should have switched lines to the red side!

Thanks to every who joined us at Red Rock Lanes last night and for making the party a huge success.  It even had a fairy tale ending for our Lucky Winner.

Brian MacFalda won the Grand Prize – a $7,500 Sauna kit from Hiawatha Log Homes of Munising.  Here’s the fairy tale part… He has a log cabin and guess what he was already planning to build this summer… That’s right a matching log cabin sauna overlooking one of the streams that run through his property.  Wow! That worked out awesome – Thanks for registering online Brian!

Check all more pics from the party last night and register to win our next awesome prize a $14,000 “Ultimate Cave”


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