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Coffee Lovers and Caffeine Addicts Rejoice – Biggby is Here!

Biggby Coffee in Marquette
Biggby Makes Me Happy!

Marquette, MI – As an avid coffee drinker I was happy to hear that a Biggby Coffee was coming to Marquette.  Then all of a sudden, Boom, it was open. The best part of all… Biggby Coffee’s new U.P. location is just up the hill from the Sunny Studios here in Marquette.  So, I can grab a great cup of Joe when ever I need one. :-)

I’ve been a Biggby fan for years and remember my first time going Biggby down in Grand Rapids and thinking “Now they got it right”  with Great coffee, a fun atmosphere, and it’s not 5 Bucks for cup.  Whenever we’re road tripping to see our family downstate we stop in Gaylord at the Biggby.  But now I can just take a spin up the road and grab a cup of Biggby Coffee anytime I want!

My wife loves their Decaf Hazelnut, but I’m a fan of the Regular Biggby Coffee… Black… of course.  I didn’t know they made so many iced coffee, or ice cream drinks too. Heck, if you don’t prefer coffee (Shame on you) I even saw them mixing up something with a Red Bull and ice. Hello Caffeine BUZZ!

Be sure to swing into Marquette’s New Biggby Coffee and feel free to drop into the Sunny Studios for a request in the Workday Wind Down if you have you Biggby cup freshly filled up with a tasty drink.


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