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Never Hit your Thumb with a Hammer Again – Thanks IKEA!

IKEAs Solution to Stop Hitting Your Thumb with a Hammer
Don’t Whack Your Thumbs

Marquette, MI – IKEA in Chicago – a must stop whenever heading through the windy city.  Even if you only stop for a $.99 ice cream cone it’s worth it.  Most times… you don’t get that lucky and end up spending a little more than just a buck.

We were in Chicago a few weekends ago and bought some new dressers while at IKEA.  (Yes, I got a $.99 ice cream)

I think IKEA’s mission statement reads “Some Assembly Required”.

But here are two reasons I’m happy the dressers weren’t assembled.

  • 1 – They wouldn’t have fit in the car for the trip back to the U.P.
  • 2 – I got to learn about this silly little nail holder.

I’ve done quite a bit of construction and consider myself handy with a hammer.  I’m not half bad at Hammerschlagen either but that’s another story!  I never would have guessed there was the need for a contraption to hold my nail… well, someone at IKEA did and it actually worked pretty good.  Even though this is a perk, I think the real reason they included it with the dresser was to keep those of us nailing, centered on the backer board.

Nice and Steady Now
Nice and Steady Now

All in all this wasn’t my worst experience with  “Some Assembly Required”  from our Swedish friends, and… No Whacked Thumbs.


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