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Playing with My Food on the Grill – Bratwurst Art


Marquette, MI – Last night was the perfect spring night to grill up some Mama Russo’s Bratwursts.  Plus, I didn’t feel like doing a ton of dishes, and grilling eliminates the pots and pans. ;-)  I usually rush charcoal… I know, I know, I should slow down!  Well, last night I had enough time to let the charcoal achieve the perfect gray/red hot color.  Cooking over coals like this is fun.

I took the fun to the next level by doing a little brat art.  I originally positioned the brats in a circle around the charcoal to warm them up without blowing out the side. (We’ve all seen this happen with overzealous grillers… Yeah… you know who you are!)

I thought it looked kind of cool and proceed to see what other shapes and designs I could come up with.

I didn’t have two pairs of tongs, so I wasn’t able to get a brat-pi (Tipi/Teepee) – You better believe it’s on for next time though!

Thanks for checking out my Brat Post.  I’d love do hear from you on grill art designs for my next grill out, leave me a comment below!  Just think of what I could do with Shrimp!!


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