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Patsy The Pony Has a New Home!

's New Pony - Patsy The Pony 01
Patsy the Pony, Rowan and Cori

Marquette, MI – Say hello to Patsy, Rowan’s new pony!  Patsy is a sweet little shetland pony, an will be a black beauty once she’s brushed out and her summer coat comes in.  She ended up being a little shorter than we had originally been told, which worked out well as she’ll be the perfect size for Rowan as he grows.  Patsy, her new name, pays tribute to the country star Patsy Cline, and is keeping with the trend of musical names my wife Cori and I have for all of our critters.

Cori, Katie, Dani (2 horse friends), Rowan and I drove up to Chassell this weekend to check Patsy out… right… let’s be real, we brought the horse trailer along and unless something was way wrong, we planned to bring her home. Rowan, is 16 months old already and it’s never to early to get into horses.  (Having ridden Cori’s Appaloosa Jessie, he’s already an old pro!)  Plus, he adores his chickens, dogs, and the first animal noise he could make is that of a horse.

I’ll be sure to post more updates as both Patsy and Rowan continue training.

P.S. Today just so happens to be National Farm Animal Day, and fitting for Patsy as she was originally neglected and cast out on “The back 40” because her original owner didn’t think she’d make it as a show pony!