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Workday Wind Down Movie Trivia Winner – 11/10/11


Thursday 11/10 Movie – “Evan Almighty”

Finish The Sentence Answer: “One Act of Random Kindness at a Time”


Buffalo newsman Evan Baxter is elected to Congress with the slogan, “Change the world.” A mansion in a new Virginia suburb. His Capitol office is also fantastic. The catch? He’s tapped by Congressman Long to co-sponsor a bill allowing development in national parks. In steps God, who gently commands Evan to build an ark. Tools & wood arrive in Evan’s yard, animal pairs follow, his beard & hair grow wildly, nomad’s clothes & a staff appear. Long grows impatient, Evan starts building, his family leaves him, reporters gather, and drought grips D.C. Still, Evan believes. But will he change the world?


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