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Android Update Ruined My Day

Droid Take Over!
Droid Take Over!

Marquette, Mi – I hate to complain about something as silly as a system update but I mean really!! I just got my new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 out and booted up for the first time. I’m talking geeky excitement here. I was pumped up and ready to play, configure my new toy, download some apps and boom… the “Droids” took over.

Now the update really only took about 15 minutes. Which was no where near the painful process I’ve had trying to update Windows 7 and I remember an iPhone update that took over an hour, and then needed another update! As far as inconveniences go, I guess the droid take over wasn’t that bad… and after a quick reboot I was once again in geek glory, happily playing and downloading some of my favorite and essential apps. Plus, the android update has been quite stable and doesn’t seem to have introduced any problems that I can find.

Being new to the world of tablets I’m surprised at how fast I’ve gotten used to the layout and larger screen. My HTC One screen seems dinky now :-(

That’s all until the next Droid take over…

If you have an “Update Horror Story” that left you at the mercy of the machines let me know in the comment section below.


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