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Get More Out of YouTube with These Hacks


Marquette, MI – I’m an avid YouTube user. I’m constantly looking up videos on DIY projects, songs to learn on guitar, wasting time, a different D.I.Y. project, something my wife pinned for me on Pinterest, wasting more time, wasting all of the time, and then back on track, trying to be productive with what I started looking up in the first place… if I can remember.

I’m sure you’ve fallen victim to the deep dark pit of YouTube. But in all seriousness, I’m pretty glad that it exists and have learned so many things from watching videos.

So, I thought I’d post this non-time wasting video of YouTube secrets and tricks. There are more of these videos out there as well, but I found this one to be quite witty and some of the tricks are are actually useful.

Thanks for the great video TopMedia – Enjoy and let me know if you “Use the force, Luke”… ’cause you know I did!


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