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Superior Sailing in the U.P. – Black Rocks and Presque Isle

Great Lakes Sailing Superior Sunset Sail Boat Presque Isle Marina State Park
The sun setting as we approach the harbor

Marquette, MI – Presque Isle Park

It was a beautiful weekend to spend sailing Lake Superior.  Wind speeds hovered around 20 knots as we cruised past Black Rocks and around Sunset Point.  There were quite a few brave swimmers enjoying the thrill of a jump off of black rocks.  I felt the water and it wasn’t to bad, September is the best month to swim.

Captain Gary expertly navigated to a peaceful spot in the bay just north of Marquette where we anchored to enjoy dinner.  The sun started to make it’s descent so we pulled up the anchor to begin making our way back to the harbor.

I was really happy the weather cooperated as this might be the last weekend Gary’s 29′ sail boat is in the water for the year.  Gary took a little break from the helm and let me man the craft.  Everyone on board commented on how my beard made them envision a time of pirates, treasure chests and the reign of the dreaded Red Beard.  We had some good laughs and didn’t want the evening to end, but we quickly approached the harbor.

If you ever get a chance to sail on Superior don’t pass it up, it’s a great way to connect with our incredible lake, see the UP in a different light and leave the stress of life on the dock!


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