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Taylor Swifts Donates Money from New Music Video to The African Parks Foundation

Love, Heartbreak and African Animals in Wildest Dreams
Love, Heartbreak and African Safari in Wildest Dreams

“Wildest Dreams” is the latest song from Taylor’s most recent album 1989 to catch listeners attention. It hit the charts at #31, making a 12 song jump in the second week, followed by a 5 song jump to be at #14 this week.

The song is typical Taylor, singing about love, or to be more accurate, the heartache surrounding it. She is rocking a new Brunette look which I think looks great on her. There are some beautiful shots of Africa in the video, so be sure to watch it. The video has caught a bit of flack for it’s glamorized white portrayal of Africa, but I think there is something more important to discuss about it.

Taylor is donating all of the proceeds from the video to The African Parks Foundation. This foundation is great and focuses on conservation efforts in 5 major parks throughout Africa. The work they do ranges from anti-poaching, habitat maintenance and works to help local communities preserve the economic benefits of tourists by working to stop poaching.

I’ll make sure Taylor’s “Wildest Dreams” stays in rotation on Sunny, and lets all chip in to protect the animals on our great continent.

Let me know what you think of Taylor as a Brunette? It think it looks good on her!


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