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Another Peaceful Night on the Lake Superior Shoreline

Peaceful Water and Calming Waves at Wetmore's Landing
Peaceful Water and Calming Waves

Marquette, MI – It was a great night for a hike along Lake Superior.  Having lived in the U.P. for so many years my wife and I realize how easy it is to take for granted our incredible Lake Superiors.  Her clear water and pristine beaches truly are amazing.  Our two dogs, Arlo and Layla love to splash in the water and swim after sticks with intensity that has to be seen to truly appreciate it.  However, on this hike we tried to keep them out of the water because it was therapeutically calm.  The gentle sound of the waves and mesmerizing designs in the sand just inches out of reach below the cool water were awesome.

Of course the peace didn’t last long as the dogs insisted on swimming.  I can’t blame them after being cooped up in the house all week, you know – sticks are a big deal to a dog!

My favorite spot to hike, Just North of MQT
My favorite spot to hike, Just North of MQT

We did manage to keep them away from the best designs in the sand.  Restricting their “stick fever” to an area of the beach that had already been tore up by other Yoopers enjoying the lake.

Wetmore’s Landing is one of our favorite beaches and is just a short drive outside of Marquette.

If you’re looking for a short hike it’s only a few minutes to get to the lake shore, or for a longer adventure a great trail system runs right along the shoreline.

To get there from MQT follow County Road 550 a few miles past Sugar Loaf.  Wetmore’s Landing will be on the right side of the road with a little parking.

What’s your favorite spot to getaway and enjoy Lake Superior – I promise not to bring our zany pack of Weims, but I would like to check it out?


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