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Zippy Dill Beans for All

I can't wait to eat these dilly beans
I want to Eat YOU!

Marquette, MI – Labor Day Weekend in The U.P. felt a lot like fall despite the heat wave. My wife and I spent our summer evenings in the garden. As is the case with gardening, it all leads up to the moment we harvest.

Even though it was 90+ degrees over the holiday weekend, we fired up the kitchen stove, and started canning one of our favorite pickled veggies – Dilly Beans! I might have an obsession with pickled food,  I love all kinds of peppers, pickles, kim chi, sauerkraut, and yes of course – Dilly Beans.  If you’ve never tried them before,  Dill Beans are similar to pickles in flavor, with lots of dill and vinegary zip.  With our recipe they always seem to have a little more crunch than your average pickle.

We ended up with 17 quart jars and there are still more beans to be picked!

If you have a favorite recipe or would like to try one of ours shoot me a comment below.


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