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Backyard Chickens laying my Organic Breakfast

Breakfast from Backyard Chickens with Organic Eggs
Delicious Breakfast from my Backyard

Marquette, MI – The Ladies are finally starting to produce eggs!  It’s the moment my wife and I have been waiting for… we’re such proud chicken parents.

We’ve gotten close to a dozen small pullet eggs from Mr. Robinson and they’re getting bigger each day!  The other chickens (Marie Laveau, Cecilla, and Elvira) are getting close to laying.  Their combs change color, turning a deeper red and they are very interested in the nesting boxes.  What an exciting time for the girls as they are growing up.

I can’t wait to have some more free range, organic eggs for breakfast tomorrow.

Backyard Chicken Free Range Eggs might be a Double Yoke
Might be a Double Yoker on the Right!

Can you guess what their favorite treat is… ?  Leave me a comment if you have an idea.


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