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Alien Spawn in the Coffee

Whole Milk Cream in the Coffee
That’s a Funky Cup ‘o Joe

Marquette, MI – Ewww, gross, you want me to drink what!  Okay, so maybe it isn’t aliens at play in the coffee, but you have to admit, it does look a little creepy…

I drink my coffee black, but my wife Cori like’s cream.  When she tried organic, cream top milk as cream in her coffee the craziest thing rose to the top of her mug.  The cream top milk had what looked like chunks of a butter in it…  Cori and I both love butter!  You may be asking yourself and yes, I did drink some of it despite it looking a little strange. :-)

While I won’t make cream in my coffee a habit, and defiantly not butter.  I must admit that it wasn’t half bad, and it made this cool pattern in the cup.


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