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Just A Little Yooper Roadtrip


Last night towards the end of my shift, I got a text from a friend here in town.  He asked me if I would like to take a small road-trip to Houghton today to pick up his car.  I get to drive his car…

...which is this.

Yes, I got to drive a 1989 Chevy Camaro.  I’ve never been big on cars really, but I was REALLY excited to get to drive this.  After driving it (and punching the gas a few times down the highway to pass cars) I didn’t want to give the keys back.

A great side story is that we found out that the thing needed to be push started each time we turned it off.  Imagine two people pushing a car to start it at a busy gas station…and you pretty much got the picture.

So if I sound a little tired tonight, know it was for a good cause.


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