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Join Pastor Jeff and Pastor Tony on Time For Wisdom This Sunday, 11a – 12p

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Marquette, MI  –  August 18, 2017  –  Time For Wisdom is back on Sunny 101.9 and Sunny.FM this Sunday from 11a-12p. Join Pastor Jeff and frequent guest, Pastor Tony for another great Show.

Ever notice when two sides typically argue, they conveniently leave out true salient points that don’t help their particular side of the argument? Modern news is often schizophrenic in this regards.

This week we were able to listen to highly edited, redacted portions of an interview on one channel, and a whole lot more of the interview on another. Both channels made the points they wanted to make with the support of the portions of the interview they chose to share with the masses. Such an approach is not dissimilar in the realms of religion.

This week on Time for Wisdom, Pastor Jeff and Pastor Tony distill the gospel of Jesus Christ in its most pure understanding; how it affects everyday people when their lives intersect Jesus; the Way, the Truth and the Life

Tune in at 11a-12p to listen to this and more on your weekly dose of Time For Wisdom with Pastor Jeff.

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