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The Children Theme Continues on Time for Wisdom with Pastor Jeff


Marquette, MI  –  April 28, 2017  –  Well, we’ve certainly had our share of April showers to bring May flowers! It is amazing how quickly the weeks fly by, and plans are already being made for Memorial Day weekend with higher speed limits in Michigan. Hopefully folks will heed the wisdom featured this week on Time for Wisdom, regarding the lessons that can be learned from the traffic accident cause and effect factors in the Dominican Republic; a place where traffic accidents are nine times more likely than here in the U.S.A.

In other news, we have been pleasantly surprised this week, that even ardent liberal voices, like Bernie Sanders and Bill Mahrer, are becoming disgusted and dismayed at the behavior of young people on our college campuses. This week on Time for Wisdom, Pastor Jeff will continue with Part 2 of his children’s theme from last week, with more of his kids’ songs from the iTunes album “Destination Train”, and more nuggets of wisdom from Josiah Cullen, a non-verbal child with autism that God has given an incredible voice to, through the gift of writing.

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