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It’s a Show About the Children – This Week on Time For Wisdom with Pastor Jeff on Sunny 101.9

Marquette, MI  –  April 19, 2017  –  This week on Time For Wisdom with Pastor Jeff the show is focused on children. We’re going to be listening to some of my children’s music throughout the show before moving on to the fascinating story of Josiah Cullen. Josiah Cullen was a non-verbal autistic boy who the Lord helped to start typing full sentences miraculously. This week on Time for Wisdom, we’ll be celebrating children through Pastor Jeff’s children’s music and the incredible story of a boy with autism, who has been given a miraculous gift in communicating with words. Though not yet with his mouth, he communicates with his fingers, as he types wisdom filled insights from on high.

More incredible stuff with the Lord’s help!

During the hour, Pastor Jeff will also touch on recent topics in media. More sad news this week as evil peaked its head in Fresno, California and Cleveland, Ohio, and a former NFL player in a New England prison takes his life on the same day as his former New England Patriots’ peers, celebrate their Super Bowl win at the Whitehouse. Mr. Hernandez sadly leaves behind a precious four year old daughter. So much heartache and tragedy as we also consider how ISIS boobytraps children’s toys in Syria; killing and maiming little ones. When evil lifts its head, so much more does grace abound!

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