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Marquette, MI – March 26, 2017 – The repeal of Obamacare went down in flames; so who’s to blame? Does there now exist an expectation in this country for a truly better plan that is better for the consumer or for the insurance industry? This week on Time for Wisdom we review some of the reasons why the healthcare bill likely failed; for sure it lacked heart.

In other news, spy gate continues to perculate and we need God’s wisdom to know who is telling the truth. From God’s word we’ll explore the faith and persistence of four friends who did whatever it took to bring their friend to the feet of Jesus; literally lowering him down through the ceiling. The house was full because word went out that “Jesus is in the house!” The four friends broke through the ceiling because they knew that if Jesus was in the house, there was hope for their paralyzed friend. We can share in this hope!

This week Pastor Jeff performs more recent original songs in studio, such as “Break Through The Ceiling”, “I Believe In You”, “You Are More”, and a medley of “Breath On Me Holy Spirit” and “River of Glory”.

Remember to write to Pastor Jeff at: pastorjeff@timeforwisdom.org. Let him know where you’re listening from and we’d love to hear your thoughts and prayer requests.

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A Time for Wisdom with Pastor Jeff – Sunday, March 26

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