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A Day Full of Fill and Fun at Valley Spur Taste and Glide

The 8th Day with Todd Paz
The 8th Day with Todd Paz

Munising, MIMarch 13, 2017 – Folks who are fans of both food and the great outdoors were treated nicely during the annual Valley Spur Taste and Glide event on March 4th.

Peggy Carberry from Valley Spur stopped by the 8th Day with Todd Pazz to discuss the event.

The taste and glide happened at Valley Spur Trails Saturday, March 4th from 11am-4pm. The event welcomes people from all over to one of the greatest ski and snowshoe trails in the Midwest.  Featuring 27 miles of groomed trail, outdoor lovers were treated to a day of skiing, snowshoeing, and good eating!

Valley Spur set up tables along the trails featuring delicious food for those adventure lovers who also love to eat.  There was also a food table set up outside by the fire pit for those that wanted to enjoy the outdoors but didn’t want to relax and not do too much activity.  And then inside, for the people who wanted to enjoy the warmth of the indoors and relax, was a big buffet.

The event usually gathers anywhere from 150-200 participants.  There is even a big bus full of people that comes in every year from Milwaukee just to come hang at Valley Spur.

The purpose of the Taste and Glide is to get people outdoors.  Valley Spur makes a point of this every year, especially for the winter months.  They offer free kids lessons which start the 2nd Saturday in January and run for 6 weeks.  They will teach the kids how to ski for free to get them involved in outdoor activities.

Everyone who attended the taste and glide could rent ski or snowshoe equipment if they did not have their own.  People even got to enjoy live music! And if anyone wanted to see the trails without exerting too much energy, they could take a ride in the trail grooming jeep.

For more information about Valley Spur and their events, visit their website and check out their Facebook page.

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