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Get Your Start In Small Farming With MSU Webinar Series

The 8th Day with Todd Paz
The 8th Day with Todd Paz

Marquette, MichiganJanuary 24, 2017 – Have you been considering creating your own small farm? Considered getting into agriculture but don’t know where to find good information and advice? You can get all the advice and help you need to get your start in small farming with the Small Farming Webinar Series from Michigan State University.

Jim Isleib, and instructor with the program, stopped by the 8th Day with Todd Paz to talk about the webinar series.

Six years ago, Jim and the rest of the team decided to shift gears in teaching about small farming in order to not force people to travel in the winter time and create more outreach.  They decided to run a webinar series program to teach about small farming.  All the same courses are offered that were on-campus at MSU, from the comfort of your own home.

With a webinar, all a participant has to do is login in, watch and listen to the instructor live, and can engage and ask questions via typing it in.  The webinar series is for all ages looking to get started in small farming.

Isleib says that the goal of the webinar series is to help people who are excited about getting started or thinking hard about it.  The series will help beginners “avoid mistakes, pitfalls, and frustrations that beginners sometimes experience. ” He wants to see people succeed in small farming and have a “lifestyle that is satisfying and profitable.”

The series consists of 9 different webinars on a variety of topics such as small vegetable farm systems, hoop house management, maple syrup, fencing and watering systems of livestock, blueberries, crop nutrient management, aqua culture, planning and operating a mixed fruit orchard, and producing and selling eggs.

Most instructors are professors at Michigan State University that are experts in their topics and experienced in teaching.

The cost of the series is a mere $45.  The webinar begins on January 30th and runs 2 hour evening sessions every Monday Night until May 8th.  If you are interested in only a select few of the webinars, you can pay for them individually at $10 a piece.

Registration is currently open, and you can register  all the way through May 8th. If you register late and miss a webinar, they will provide you with the link to go back and watch it. Although Isleib encourages everyone to watch the webinars live if they can. To register, contact Jim 906-387-2530 or via email.

For more information on the series visit their website, where you can also download the PDF for a detailed summary on every webinar.  You can also check out the archive to webinars from the past 6 years.

Listen to the full interview with Jim Isleib below. Join Todd Paz for the 8th Day Saturday mornings from 9am-10am on Sunny FM.

LISTEN – FULL INTERVIEW – Jim Isleib – MSU Beginning Farmer Webinar Series