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Considering the Veterans with Todd Paz and Tom Ranta on The 8th Day


American Legion - Soldiers Marquette, MI  –  October 17, 2015  –  8th Day host, Todd Paz brought in a special guest for his show last Saturday. Tom Ranta spoke with Todd about the presence these heroes have in Marquette and what his group, the American Legion of Marquette can do for veterans. Despite less than 1% of people having a relation to an active member of the military, Marquette has a large population of veterans.

Tomorrow, Wednesday October 21st, the American Legion is having a open house from 6-9 PM. The open house is to thank local veterans and their families for the sacrifices made. With such a small percentage, you would think it would be easy to give these people the recognition and help they deserve, but many do not get the aid they are entitled to.

Members of Marquette’s American Legion, just above Harlow Park, want to show local veterans what can be done for them through this organization. During the open house a service officer will be present to show families what benefits they have coming, and how to make the adjustment to civilian life easier.

The American Legion is constantly looking for people to aid, as well as new members. With a vast majority of the current branch being Korea and Vietnam vets, the organization is looking for more men and women to join the group and continue the Legion has it comes up on it’s 100th year in 2019. American Legion - Soldiers

Tom Ranta mentioned that the American Legion has many different programs, including many programs for the youth of America like Boy Scouts, the Boys (and Girls) State Program and the Sea Cadets. Looking passed academics, the American Legion sponsors many different sports teams including Marquette’s very own – Marquette Blues, the current American Legion Michigan Champion State Baseball Team!

Built off rehabilitation for service men and women, national security, Americanism, and care for the children & youth of America, the American Legion is making sure men and women from any time period are getting the acknowledgement they deserve.

If you or someone you know may be interested in hearing more from the American Legion, consider attending this open house. This event is free and will include light snacks and refreshments.

Open House at 6 – 9 PM
American Legion Post #44
700 W Bluff St
Marquette, MI 49855
(906) 225-0781

Listen to the full interview from the 8th Day with Todd Paz and Tom Ranta


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