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Not Your Typical ‘Birds and Bees’ Story

Wasp Angry Birds and Bees Marquette Stinging
Wasps just look like jerks.

Marquette, Michigan – On an episode of the 8th Day, Todd Paz had Luke from Sunny’s Workday Wind Down in the studio to recap their punny conversation last week about the birds and the bees, but not quite in the way you’d imagine.

Luke started  by retelling his excrete-ing tale of performing routine fall maintenance on the tower sites. He was climbing a tower to change some lightbulbs when he came across a 200-foot stretch coated in bird poop. His glove-less effort was coined “dungarific”by Todd.

But for every bird, there’s a bee – maybe several by the sounds of it. Luke made some acute observations during one of his favorite fall activities, apple picking. While looking for crisp apples to press for cider, a buzzing Luke found a beautiful apple tree. This tree was no ordinary tree though because right in the middle of the magnificent tree, a giant wasp nest the size of a basketball had engulfed quite a few apples. Luke was disappointed to lose such promising apples, but he moved on to the wasp-y fall the area is experiencing.

The story reminded Todd of his brutal run in with a bee. Tiny, 10-year-old Todd was stung by a bee in a very sensitive area: the eyeball. The pain, which he said was almost up there with kidney stones, caused him to pass out.

Luke countered that story, reflecting back on the day he rode a motorcycle and hit a honey bee. The bee smacked him so hard in the forehead, he was nearly knocked off his bike. His eyes went blurry and dizziness clouded his brain. In the short time it took him to stop his bike, his forehead was swollen and puffed up like a melon.

Listen to Todd and Luke Discuss the Birds and the Bees HERE on the 8th Day

Who else has a crazy run-in with a winged-creature? Drop a comment below!


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