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Star Trek Bingeing With Sabrina


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Todd Pazz on The 8th Day radio show interviewed Sabrina LaForais, about her mission to watch the entirety of the Star Trek series.  Sabrina, an avid Trekkie and the senior EEO Officer of mediaBrew communications has already completed the first series of Star Trek and is in the midst of watching the 4th season of the second series Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The original series of Star Trek began in 1966 and ran until 1969, so far Star Trek has been in production for 39 years, with two ongoing series, Star Trek: Discovery and Picard,  as well as one upcoming show in production: Strange New Worlds, which is set to be released May 5,2022. In order to complete every episode of Star Trek currently released, Sabrina must watch 556 hours of Star Trek, or 23 straight days of Trek.

Sabrina personally believes that the original Star Trek was “corny” , which many Trekkie’s would also agree with. Since the original Star Trek series was produced in the late 60’s with low funding, Sabrina also found it “hard to binge” in comparison to The Next Generation, or TNG. TNG came out in the late 80s with a far better budget, it’s writing broke away from the typical sci-fi tropes that the original series was more dependent on. Sabrina’s favorite aspect of shows in general are the characters and how they develop, she thinks that the characters in TNG are well written and “very interesting”.

Sabrina binges The Trek during her daily activities (outside of work) until she collapses. She is fascinated by how many references in pop culture there are and how quickly she fell in love with the series. Star Trek has caused a major pop culture change with both it’s progressive ideas and its easy accessibility with modern streaming services.

Todd and many others have emphasized their eagerness for her to watch Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, she shares the same enthusiasm and is excited to begin after finishing The Next Generation. Sabrina will be making a return to The 8th Day radio show after finishing Star Trek: Voyager.

UPDATE: Sabrina has finished both Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, stay tuned for her return on The 8th Day with Todd Pazz.

The various Star Trek Series can be found on Paramount+, HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video and Vudu.


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