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See “As You Like It” with a Twist at Lake Superior Theater!


WestWoodTheatrePostFor8thDay-002Marquette, MI  –  August 15, 2015  – Todd Paz, from Sunny.FM’s The 8th Day, meet with BG Bradley to tell us about his new version of Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” hitting the town this week. Previously, the show had been put on with Westwood High School and the Westwood Theater. Bradley’s “As You like It” is now being shown at it’s second venue in the Lake Superior Theater.

BG Bradley’s version of “As You Like It” is being shown this week, August 18, 2015-August 21, 2015 each night at 7:30 PM. Tickets information for Lake Superior Theater shows can be found on their website.

“As You Like It” is a play about two young people who feel in love while living in a very repressive society.These lovers decided to take their love and run away to live in the woods. At this point, Bradley put his own spin on the play using this change in setting to take the audience from a totalitarian era to the “summer of love” in the ’60s!

Unlike “Hamlet”, which was written in the same year as this play, “As You Like It” is a very upbeat show. In the interview Bradley called the play a “proto-musical”. When Shakespeare wrote this play, musicals had never been done before and wouldn’t be done again for approximately another 200 years!

The stars of this production are various community members from around the U.P., most of whom have a fairly big following around the area. New music was produced by Denise and Brett Clark to bring the 60’s sound to this play from 1509!

Unlike many of Shakespeare’s plays, BG Bradley promises that this musical will be understandable for all and FUN! In “As You Like It”, the play becomes art that is easy to understand and comedic.

Get your tickets today through the Lake Superior Theater because who wouldn’t want to hear a bunch of Yoopers with thick accents speaking in iambic pentameter?

Hear the full interview on The 8th Day with Todd Paz and BG Bradley!



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