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The Movies are Back at the Peter White Public Library!


LibraryImagesBooks1024001 Marquette, MI  –   August 15th, 2015  – As promised from previous weeks, Margret Boyle has brought the movies back to the library for another week of summer fun! Todd Paz meet with this veteran caller once again, early Saturday morning, on Sunny.FM’s the 8th Day. Margret spoke enthusiastically about the great movies begin offered this week at the air-conditioned Peter White Public Library.





Tuesday, August 18th, 2015 12:30 PM

  • A matinee showing of “Spare Parts”
    • “Spare Parts” was released earlier this year.
    • The movie is about four Hispanic high school teens who group up to join a robotics competition where they face some of the best university teams in the country!
    • This is a great story, based of REAL events with great morals!
  • “Spare Parts” could be a great option for anyone. Kids in the library’s Lego Club or in robotics clubs may be especially interested!
  • People who attend are welcome to bring their own lunches.

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015 6:00 PM

  • “Mr. Turner” will be the film screened for the library’s Bring Your Own Dinner Theater.
    • This biographical drama is based of a famous British landscape painter who has been named responsible for bringing landscape painting to a higher form of art!LibraryImagesBooks1024002
    • The story isn’t all based on art, the protagonist has a very corky sense of humor and some interesting things going on in his life!

Thursday, August 19th, 2015 6:30 PM

  • The Peter White Library will be showing the well known classic, “Stand By Me” from 1986!
    • For those who have not seen “Stand by Me”, the film is a great adventure story about four young boys who find out some disgruntling information!
    • Feel free to bring snacks along and hang out in the air-conditioned room as director Rob Reiner takes you on a visual journey!

After giving a brief overview of what the library has in store for the week, Margret also wanted to remind everyone about an event coming up in the near future. On September 24th and 25th, the Peter White Public Library is bringing in Wisconsin’s Mark Moran to host an antique appraisal fair!

If you have items you ‘d like to get appraised, either to sell or just for fun, buy a ticket today! Tickets are on sale now for $15.00 for a verbal appraisal of one item. Part of this cost acts as a fundraiser for the library so they can keep bringing the community a great movie selection and more!

If you have any questions for Margret Boyle, please view the library’s website for contact info!

Listen to Todd Paz’s interview with Margret Boyle during the 8th Day on Sunny.FM


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