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The Iron Range Roll is Looking for Volunteers!

Iron Range Roll is looking for volunteers!

Marquette, MIJune 1, 2021 – Want to take part in the 8th Annual Iron Range Roll, but aren’t sure or don’t know how? Being a part of the Iron Range Roll is easy! Daniel Croney joined Todd Pazz on the 8th Day to share some of the great opportunities for you to be a part of the race.

In particular, Connect Marquette is looking for volunteers for the race! Volunteering is a great way to get involved in the event and be a part of the community. It can also be an opportunity to experience the event in a different way.


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Volunteer positions can be as short as 30mins to as long as 2 hours. Road crossing aid station volunteers are in high demand for the 2021 Annual Iron Range Roll. Other positions can be found at their volunteer site. Daniel encourages all members of the community to participate and offers that volunteering can be a great way to experience the event even if you’re not sure you want to do the long bike. There’s plenty you can do to help, so head over to ironrangeroll.com or the Iron Range Roll Facebook page to volunteer.

Race participants are still able to sign-up and can do so through the same links as above. The Iron Range Roll is a family-friendly event for both casual and competitive bikers.


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