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Independence Day with The Grill King


file3841310827443Marquette, MI  –  This Independence Day, Todd Paz of Sunny.fm’s The 8th day, spoke with Joe Ross, Michigan’s “Grill King”. During the Grill King’s interview, gave safety tips, explained what makes grilled food taste the best, and reminded listeners what grilling should be about.

Things to be Aware off:

A lot of what Ross had to say was about safety. Grill safety is very important as an injury would affect the ability to grill! Here are some points of caution the Grill King made during the interview with Todd Paz.

  • Do not keep the same propane take for more than ten years.
  • Make sure the tank you are using does not have any dents or rust on it.
  • If you suspect that your tank is leaking, wet a finger with water and dab over the valve. If the valve begins to bubble the tank has a leak.
    • If you are not comfortable checking yourself,  bring the tank in to be replaced.
  • Remember that grills gets HOT. Do not let young children play around a lite grill.
  • If it begins to rain while grilling,  do not bring the grill inside the house or into a garage
  • When relighting a grill, make sure to open the lid fully.
    • If the griller only opens the grill partially, the tank is still releasing gas which will build up inside the grill chamber.
    • If enough gas builds up while trying to relight the grill, the gas will ignite and possibly explode.
    • Fourth of July is the current largest grilling holiday.
  • Make sure to let the grill cool before pushing the unit against the house as the heat may melt siding.

Following points of safety, Ross was excited to talk about the latest trends of grilling. Over Joe Ross’ time has a grill master, he has found grilling changes every three to four years. The most recent trend seems to be using grilling to quickly cook with organic products.

Ross stated, “there are a lot of younger people coming into grilling, but they’re getting involved because it’s more organic.” These young adults are becoming interested in eating healthy and grilling. By working with organic foods, grilling becomes a very viable way to both eat healthy and grill!

Another advantage to working on a grill is the openness to prepare the food. Grillers have the room to cook their food while applying seasonings or sauces at any point. Ross has found people have mostly been using this new trend with vegetables, but many other food products 00192as well.

Foods to try:

  • Zucchini
  • Grapes
  • Peaches
  • Yellow Squash
  • Egg Plant
  • Asparagus
  • Plums

Next, Ross answered a pressing question in the grilling process. What really makes your foods taste the best? Many people believe that it depends on the type of wood used verse charcoal or propane. It is true these things can have an affect on how your food tastes, however, most of the flavor in grilling comes from whatever you are grilling! Ross went on to explain that excess from your food falls onto the grill’s heat source and creates a smoke which intensifies the flavors grills taste during consumption.

Ways to intensify the flavor:

  • Use rubs and sauces.
  • Use various hardwoods like mesquite, hickory and maple.
    • Mesquite leaves a very distinct flavor.

Despite all ofDSC_0175 the new trends and exotic grilling ideas appearing in the grilling world, Ross’ message was not only to give people the necessary information to grill, but also to remind people why grilling is so great. Ross stated to listeners, “Just relax. It’s all about fun. Don’t get too caught up in the cooking.” Ross believes grilling is about getting your friends and family together, having a beer, and just enjoying the moment.

There are many farmers markets going on in the Marquette area like the market hosted on the 4th of July where over 300 varieties of foods. Consider stopping at a farmers market in the future to pick up some food and enjoy your own grilling experience.

Check out The 8th day Interview with Todd Paz and Joe Ross, The Grill King


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